Dried Azerbaijan persimmon and organic Andoa chocolate 70% cacao

Dried Azerbaijan persimmon and organic Andoa chocolate 70% cacao

 19,95 incl. 9% BTW

Azerbaijan persimmon – Dark chocolate

The dried persimmon from Balkhoorma from Azerbaijan is dipped in pure organic fair trade chocolate Andoa with a cocoa percentage of 70%. The pure Andoa chocolate is a Grand Cru chocolate from Valrhona made from cocoa beans from Peru. The dried persimmon with dark chocolate is packed per 500 grams.



Dried Azerbaijan persimmon from Balkhoorma with the Grand Cru, organic and fairtrade chocolate Andoa 70% from Valrhona.


For our products we only use chocolate of the very best quality. All the chocolate we use comes from Valrhona, a French chocolate manufacturer founded in 1922. Valrhona is one of the most important producers of chocolate in the world and focuses on chocolate of the highest quality. Valrhona’s chocolate comes from about 15 locations from 12 different countries, from Venezuela to Madagascar. Valrhona’s experts travel all over the world in search of the best cocoa beans.

Valrhona works with local producers. Respect, trust, sustainability and the development of local economies are the basis for this cooperation.