Heaven for Michelin star chocoholics

Be surprised by our small taste explosions of chocolate. From classic to modern flavors from sweet to savoury with color without color for everyone we have a taste bombon. The unique ness of a la Fève chocolate is the experience if you put the chocolate in your mouth. The flavors change as the chocolates melts away in your mouth. You have been warned! If you have tasted a la Fève chocolate, chocolate will never taste the same again.

Our customers

Our best ingredient is passion

Beyond passion guts and craftsmanship use only raw materials of the best quality and as much as possible from local products and / or entrepreneurs.

Seasonal products

During different periods of the year, la Fève responds to the different seasons and festive periods.

Let’s imagine the best of chocolate

Our products are made from chocolate from the organic and fair trade range of Valrhona. Valrhona cooperates with local producers. Respect, trust, sustainability and the development of local economies are the basis for this cooperation.