About la Fève

In 2010, Geert-Jan Heesterbeek started his business la Fève chocolade & desserts. Geert-Jan works, along with his team, as a pastry chef and chocolatier to deliver the best chocolate bonbons, desserts and cakes from his studio in Maastricht.
la Fève delivers to top restaurants and exclusive shops in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. la Fève specialises in designing and making small, exclusive, handmade chocolate bonbons with an excellent price/quality ratio. Our chocolate bonbons are a feast for the eyes. The selection includes more than 50 different chocolate bonbons with a variety of looks from classic to contemporary. Unusual shapes and innovative techniques mean that, anno 2013, we have been awarded a total of 25 Michelin stars and 622.5 GaultMillau points.

The best chocolate bonbons
la Fève is all about quality and innovation. A classic from the la Fève range is the 'limited edition', the chocolate bonbon that won Geert-Jan “de lekkerste bonbon van Nederland” ("the best chocolate bonbon in the Netherlands") in 2009. But of course, the range is regularly updated and expanded. For example, what do you think of a pure chocolate bonbon with a ganache of rocket salad, Spanish pine nut & sea salt praline and a raspberry jelly or an airbrushed dark chocolate bonbon with a ganache of pineapple and Raz el Hanout?

Also available in Belgium and Germany
la Fève supplies top restaurants and exclusive shops. Because of our unique location at the border of three countries, we can deliver not only to the Netherlands but also to top restaurants in Belgium and Germany. We do this with our own chilled transport.
Are you interested in selling our chocolate bonbons or desserts through your business? Please contact Geert-Jan: mail info@la-feve.nl or telephone 003143 - 311 13 99.
We would be pleased to offer you a sample pack

Would cooperation be something for you?
Joint development of a new chocolate bonbon or dessert fits with our continuous pursuit of innovation. If you have a wish for a special filling in a chocolate bonbon, we can discuss that with you. Together we can examine the options and develop new flavour combinations.

We are often asked to surprise customers at events such as TEFAF Maastricht, Ajax (Football Club) and other business events. The creative team of la Fève specially create handmade chocolate bonbons, petit fours and small desserts in order for you to get started. Of course, we also do this at Easter, Valentine's Day and Christmas. Your customers will be surprised! We are happy to start working for you.

On behalf of the team of la Fève

Geert-Jan Heesterbeek
Patissier, chocolatier.

la Fève Chocolade & Desserts
Statensingel 148b
6217 KH Maastricht
Mail info@la-feve.nl
Telephone 003143 - 311 13 99.